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Ward 4 Info

Ward Boundaries

New ward boundaries will be in effect for this election on October 24th, 2022

Ward 4 Boundary Changes

The boundaries for Ward 4 have been modified from the last election in 2018. The most major change has been that the east boundary has been moved to follow the Hanlon express way.

City of Guelph Resources

For more information about the changes, and to view the maps see below:

Ward Boundary InfoWard Boundary MapAddress Lookup Tool

Map provided for reference only, please verify your ward with the City of Guelph if you are unsure.

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Are You Eligible To Vote?

To support Adrian in the Municipal Election on October 24th, 2022 generally you must meet the below criteria.

Guelph Voter InformationOntario Voter Eligibility Info

The below is provided for reference only, if you are unsure about your eligability you can confirm it using the resources above.


Canadian Citizen

To vote in a municipal election you must be a born or naturalized citizen of Canada.


Age 18 or Older

You must be at least 18 years old on the day of the election.


Qualify to Vote In Ward 4 of Guelph

You must reside in Ward 4, or if you are not a resident of Guelph, you or your spouse must own property in Ward 4.

Voter Registration

Ensuring your information is up to date in advance of the election is the best way to make sure your voting process is quick and easy. However, it is possible to be added to the voters list on election day.



To add your information to the voters list you may complete an application to amend.  Contact the city either by visiting ServiceGuelph at city hall, by phone at 519-837-5625, or email at guelphvotes@guelph.ca.

More Information



Ensure that you have acceptable identification on election day. View the allowable forms of ID for municipal elections.

Acceptable ID Documents