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About me:

I'm deeply invested in doing my part to build up our community as a safe, affordable, and enjoyable place to be. I moved to Guelph in 2015 for my education, where I earned a Bachelor of Computing and Certificate in Business from the University of Guelph. I now work as an I.T. Manager, and also run my own business offering contract I.T. Services.

My partner Amanda and I reside in the Parkwood Gardens Neighbourhood, and we are honoured to call this great community our home!

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I am proud to be serving as the Chair of the Board for the Guelph Coalition for Active Transportation. Through this role, I have great opporunity to engage with the city and community on road safety, accessable connectivity, and environmental sustainability.

A paticular focus of mine is the lack of walking and cycling trails in the west-end of town.

If you’d like to chat, give me a call!

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